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Earrings are the most important accessory. Although earrings are small in size, earrings have a major role to play in your entire ensemble since they sit closest to your face. It's not just about matching your earrings to your outfit; it is equally important to consider if the earrings' length, shape and design match the shape of your face, to make you look fabulous from head to toe.

I will share multiple styles of HANDMADE EARRINGS available, how-tos on SELECTING EARRINGS FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE and choosing earrings for SENSITIVE EARS. From simple elegant looking earrings to bold statement pieces that catches everyone's eyes, check them out here for some HANDMADE, ONE OF A KIND earrings that you can purchase below to add to your personal collection.

Types of Handmade Earrings to Suit your Face Shape

Discover the various types of handmade earrings available to find the ones most suitable to your style. There is surely something for everyone.

Felt Earrings of various shapesEarrings can be made through felting and connecting with metal jewelry parts. Felt earrings come in may various shapes and sizes. Wide earrings like the those in the first 3 rows in the photo can go with those with a Narrow face shape, as they add softness and minimize the length of your face. Wider styles of earrings eliminate any notion of narrowness in your face.

For those with a Diamond-shaped face or Oval-shaped face, select earrings which are long and with curves. Earrings with soft curves help to minimize any sharpness around the cheekbones or jaw line.


Metal Charm Earrings with Quotes

Charms are a fun and widely popular jewelry component. A vast selection of themes makes it easy to create a personalized experience through jewelry reflecting the distinct character of each customer. There are various types of metal charms, some also come with rhinestone and other embellishment. 

Most metal charm earrings are wide, and hence are more suited for women with Narrow face shape.

Metal Charm Dangle EarringsFor metal charm dangling type of earrings like in the second photo, due to the soft curves, they help to balance out the face and draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line of those with Diamond-Shaped or Heart-Shaped faces. Metal Charm Earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top help fill in the lower portion of your face.




Rhinestone Dangle EarringsRhinestones can be found in many different cuts, sizes, colours, and shapes. Rhinestone earrings are made by combining rhinestone using various materials such as embroidery floss, flexible wire.

Women with Round-Shaped faces can aim to elongate their faces and minimize a puffy appearance by choosing a longer dangle rhinestone earrings. Go for chains with a bauble on the end or even a cascade of rhinestones.

Rhinestone earring pieces with long lines and featuring curving shapes can help to balance out the Heart-Shaped face, especially  dangle and chandelier type of earrings. You may also consider chandelier rhinestone earrings in diamond shapes to add an interesting contrast to the face and soften the look of the pointier chin.


Fabric Ruffle EarringsFabric earrings include a combination of fabric with a mix of other materials to create different shapes.

Fabric earrings like the one in the 1st photo have a wider bottom to help fill in the lower portion of those with Heart-shaped face.



Fabric Teardrop Shaped EarringsFor those with Square-Shaped faces, select fabric earrings with medium to long rounded designs that soften the cheekbones and jaw line.







Fabric Printed Round Shaped Earrings

For those with Narrow-Shaped faces, go for Round shapes, or any “button” style of fabric earrings in a medium to large size as they add softness and minimize length. When choosing dangle fabric earrings, look for pieces with elongated curves that will accentuate the cheekbones and add softness. Any type of round fabric earrings will widen your face, and make it look fuller.


Fabric Triangular Shaped Earrings

Women with oval-shaped faces look good wearing triangular shaped or diamond shaped fabric earrings, as they accentuate the face's natural shape, the cheekbones and create a sense of symmetry or balance. 








Lace EarringsLace are nowadays used to make earrings, especially to create a vintage-inspired look. Women with oval-shaped faces look good wearing diamond-shaped or oval-shaped lace earrings. Striking look can be created by wearing oval-shaped long dangling lace earrings. These earrings will draw attention to the face's elegant shape without adding any width or length. Wider styles of lace earrings eliminates narrowness in your face.



Lace Flower Swirls EarringsFor those with Round-shaped faces, choose longer dangle lace earrings to help elongate your face. To choose earrings of a thin to medium width. 






Beaded and Wire Wrapped EarringsWires can be used to make various type of jewelry by threading or wrapping beads / gemstones, or by coiling wires to create various shapes for the jewelry.

For women with Square-Shaped faces, go for beaded and wire wrapped earrings with medium to long rounded designs that soften the cheekbones and jaw line. The best choices are elongated, dangling circular form pieces and hoop earrings. To add extra drama to their look, choose oversized hoops that brush the jaw line or extend below the jaw line to soften the face and make it appear smaller.

Beaded and Wire Wrapped Teardrop EarringsWomen with Oval-Shaped faces can go for teardrop shaped beaded and wire wrapped earrings, as these pieces accentuate the face's natural shape, cheekbones and create a sense of symmetry or balance.       




Paper Quillng EarringsEarrings can be made through techniques such as paper quilling, Origami. These paper pieces are then connected via various metal jewelry parts to create earrings.

For women with Square-Shaped faces, choose paper earrings with medium to long rounded / curved designs that soften the cheekbones and jaw line. These type of paper earrings also suit those with Heart-Shaped faces.



Those with Paper Quilling Round Hoop EarringsSquare-shaped faces can also go for dangling circular form pieces and hoop paper earrings, to eliminate the squareness and make it appear smaller.



Crochet Flower Shaped EarringsCrochet earrings that are squarish and round in shape, suit women with oval-shaped faces. These earrings draw attention to the face's elegant shape. Wider styles help to remove any notion of narrowness in your face.






How to Choose Earrings for your Face Shape

The right earrings will draw attention to your face and enhance your most attractive qualities. Earrings can make you face look wide, thin, long or fat depending on your face shape.


How to Choose Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Here are tips on hypoallergenic earring materials and how to select earrings for sensitive ears.

    • Hypoallergenic Earrings
    • These work well for most people with sensitive pierced ears. Although hypoallergenic means there is no nickel on the outer surface of the earring’s post, it may be made of coated nickel. Over time the outer surface of the post will wear and the exposed nickel will come into contact with the wearer’s earlobe and cartilage. So if you wear earrings frequently, you need a better, longer term solution to the problem.


      • Go for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Titanium Earrings


      Having an allergic reaction to your pierced earrings is mainly only a problem with cheaper jewelry. Noble metals such as gold and silver rarely cause allergic sensitivity reactions. If you can afford it, then choose earrings with solid gold or solid silver posts. Platinum posts are also unlikely to cause any skin reaction, but these are usually even more expensive than gold posts.

Titanium is another metal used for jewelry. It is a cheaper metal than platinum, gold or silver. It costs a little more than nickel, but few people suffer allergic reactions to it.

  • Other Options for Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry may only be worn a few times before the wearer changes their look. Many earrings are now made with either surgical steel or plastic posts (rather than gold). The advantage is that this lowers the price of the earrings.


The disadvantage is that steel posts tend to be slightly thicker than a gold earring post would be. In addition, plastic earring posts tend to be slightly flimsy and can break off more easily than a traditional metal post.

  • The Nail Enamel Trick

There is another solution that enables you to wear cheap pierced earrings. Before you insert your new earrings into your piercing, paint the posts with a couple of coats of clear nail enamel. Make sure the varnish is fully dry before you wear the earrings. You will need to re-coat the earrings if you wear them more than a couple of times. The nail enamel makes a barrier between the nickel post and your sensitive ear.


Handmade Earrings for Purchase

Technology is taking up, however there’s always something very charming concerning the flaws and imperfections in handcrafted items. Are you attempting to find a brand new pair of excellent earrings? How about some handmade earrings? Check out our assortment of Handmade Earrings below.

Handmade Earrings are unique and make great gifts. You can be capable of finding distinct kinds and types of handmade earrings listed above which might be superb to put on for any kind of event which you plan to take care of or make an ideal present theory for your family or girlfriends who love to decorate.

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