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Want to know how to create a personalised Style Statement with your Arm Candies?




Your Bracelets / Cuffs can make or break your entire attire, and every woman has her own personal style, this is why some ladies simply have a difficult time finding a bracelet / cuff that meets her needs and tastes.


To GLAM up your wrist is super simple. Throw on a chunky cuff or slip on stacks of bangles and you can effortlessly make a style statement with your ARM ART. We share tips on how to accessorize with bracelets and cuffs. Check out the accessories for sale on HANDMADE BRACELETS AND CUFFS that will certainly benefit you, whether you love classy or casual!

Types of Handmade Bracelets / Cuffs and Tips on How to Accessorize with your Outfits

Discover the various types of handmade bracelets / cuffs available to find the ones most suitable to your style. There is surely something for everyone.

Leather Wrap Bracelets of Various Colours and Designs

Leather wrap bracelet can be made of various leather types and many decorative styles. Nowadays, leather is popularly used for jewelry, especially bracelets, with braiding of leather and sometimes with other beads or gemstones.

Try pairing thin Leather bracelets with casual wear like a plain shirt or Tee with jeans / skirt. The leather bracelets can be stacked with a monochrome colour scheme. For those who are more daring, try stacking various designs and colours of leather bracelets to add visual interest to your outfit.

Thick Leather Cuff BraceletHave fun and play with Colour by choosing a single thick leather cuff bracelet. Such leather bracelets are stylish and can go with two-piece suit office wear. The office wear should come with shorter sleeves, or sleeves that are ¾ length, so that your leather bracelet can be seen.





Rhinestone and Rope Bracelet

Rhinestones can be found in many different cuts, sizes, colours, and shapes. Rhinestone and Rope Bracelet are made by combining rhinestone with ropes to create various designs and styles.

Rhinestone and Rope bracelet can go with a black outfit to create a classic and timeless style. A plain simple coloured dress can also do the trick.


A bead is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of a material such as stone, shell, glass, plastic, wood or pearl. Beaded bracelets are comfortable, fashionable and fun to style. You could wear just one, but if you’re going for a more boho-chic look, get ready to stack.

Thin Beaded BraceletsThere are various types of beaded bracelets, thin ones and chunkier ones. The Thin beaded bracelets are great for stacking, just like in the photo below. Boho chic wear or a sun dress will go well with them.




Chunky Beaded Bracelet with Pattern Motif

As for Chunky beaded bracelets, they work better as single pieces and can pair with a simple dress to add colour to your outfit.





Chunky Beaded Bracelet paired wih Thin Beaded BraceletAlternatively, try to pair a chunky piece with one or several thin beaded bracelets!






Wired Bracelet with Shapes and Texts

Wires can be used to make various type of jewelry by threading or wrapping beads / gemstones, or by coiling wires to create various shapes for the jewelry. If you go for gold accessories, go all gold. Combining metals in your accessories may be risky. When it doubt, stick to one metal.

For those who are more adventurous, feel free to try to mix and match different metals with your outfits.

There are various styles, shapes and colours of wired bracelets. For simpler designs of shapes and text, try stacking a mix of them to create your very own Arm Art, depending on what type of look you would like to pull off.

Chunky wired bracelets will work better as single pieces instead of stacking them. These are more suited for casual outings, and not for office wear.

If you’re choosing a wired bracelet for work, choose one that is thinner in width; one that is stylish but at the same time unobtrusive. A neutral gold or silver toned wired bracelet might look good with your office wear.


Metal Chunky Cuff

Metal chunky cuff bracelets can be a mix of metal chains with gemstones, beads, metal charms, leather, etc, to create the chunky cuff look.

Pair a black outfit with your chunky metal cuff. A black dress accessorized with a metal cuff is set to style. For more casual wear such as a black blouse and skinny jeans can also be paired with a metal cuff.



Wrapped Chain Bracelet with Colourful Cords

Wrapped Chain Bracelets are created by weaving ribbons, fabric, cords into metal chains to style up the chain bracelet. These wrapped chain bracelets are usually funky and colourful.

Enjoy while pairing them in different combinations of wrapped chain bracelets. It comes with practice on what matches and what does not. Find wrapped chain bracelets that compliment but do not match each other perfectly to add an element of fun to your outfit.

These wrapped chain bracelets can go with all types of outfits, including bright and colour tops / bottoms.

Wrapped Chain Bracelet with Ribbons and Cords


Exposed Zipper Bracelets

Exposed zippers in bracelets have emerged as a hot trend, as they look funky and stylish, especially when you stack zipper bracelets.

Try stacking many different zipper bracelets of different colour, pattern, and size to create a funky look. When it comes to picking out zipper bracelets to stack, find zipper bracelets that compliment but do not match each other perfectly. Zipper bracelets go well with a casual outfit. Pair them with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and you are good to go!


Chunky Wood Cuff

Wood and Plastic cuffs are made more colourful and lively through spray painting, adding coloured tapes, rope and embroidery wrapping. Some also have textures on the surface to add to the style of the cuffs.

Always consider if the wood / plastic cuff looks too big on your wrist. Find a beautiful cuff that fits and you feel comfortable wearing. These Wood / Plastic Cuffs can go well with any casual wear. You can also match the prints and colours on your outfit with the prints and colours on the cuff.

Instead of just a bracelet, some bracelets had included a watch face to complete the look, suitable for those who prefer to keep accessorizing to the minimum.

Watch bracelets go well with a casual outfit. Pair them with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and you are good to go! These watch bracelets can basically go with all types of outfits, including bright and colour tops / bottoms.


Stunning pieces of jewelry are made with silk, felt, cotton, and leather. Some of the fabric bracelets include a combination of fabric with a mix of other materials to create different shapes.

Fabric bracelet can go with a black outfit to create a classic and timeless style. A plain simple coloured dress can also do the trick.


Lace is a delicate fine open fabric of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting yarn or thread in open weblike patterns made by machine or by hand. They are used especially for trimming garments. Nowadays, lace are also used to make lace cuff bracelets, especially to create a vintage-inspired look.

For Victorian / Lace Cuff bracelets, they work better as single pieces and can pair with a simple dress to add colour to your outfit.

How to Accessorize with Bracelets / Cuffs

Many women consider adding a bracelet / cuff to an outfit already accessorized with a necklace and earrings is too much. Some find it too chunky, they are hard to match with other accessories or not occasion appropriate. If the above matches your worries about accessorizing with bracelets / cuffs, here a video featuring some tips on how to accessorize with bracelets / cuffs.

Handmade Bracelets / Cuffs for Purchase

Discover unique bracelets handcrafted by extraordinary artisans. Explore by gemstone or by style - each bracelet is handmade with pride and attention to detail. Find cuff and charm bracelets, each one more unique than the next. Stackable designs perfect for everyday wear.

Handmade Bracelets / Cuffs are unique and make great gifts. Check out the various handmade bracelets / cuffs made out of different materials we had selected that are one of a kind to go with your outfits, or as gifts for your loved ones.

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