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Are you someone who loves to be inspired and love handmade stuffs? Looking for unique artistic ideas as well as handmade accessories that makes great gifts for friends and family? If your answer is YES, YES and YES, then you've come to the right page!!!


Here at Artz de Scrap we are dedicating this site to inspire through what we observe in our everyday lives (eg. fashion, materials, environment, architecture, etc), our explorations with various materials and share all the beautiful and unique handmade creations by filiksia. All pieces are one and only, so you don't have to worry about someone wearing the same accessories as you!

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For every piece of Artz de Scrap’s handmade jewelry, it is part of our exploration journey of the possibilities in materials through reinterpretation and pushing boundaries. This involves a mesh of various types of materials together with a mix of traditional and new techniques, to create artistic handmade accessories that are unique and interesting to create a style statement. Our pieces are for those who are not afraid to show their personality and be different in a stylish way. Artz de Scrap’s pieces are made in limited quantity to encourage slow fashion and the appreciation of handmade jewelry.

Artz de Scrap also include used items and upcycle them to be part of our handmade jewelry pieces. So there is a mix of old and new materials used. The limited quantity also ensures no wastage of materials when creating the pieces.


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filiksia (also known as Felicia Ow) is inspired by the things she see and observe in her everyday lives (eg. fashion, materials, environment, architecture, etc). She loves to be inspired and enjoy the art of making with a range of materials. She gains insights from the workshops she attends and learning from other makers around, then she tries to mesh the various materials up together harmoniously to create unique accessories to portray her style and what she is inspired by.

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Check out filiksia's explorations and workshops on Instagram (artzdescrap) and Facebook Page (Artz de Scrap) and our blog to find out more and be inspired!

Artz de Scrap is Featured on Morning Express Channel 8 TV!

Find details on the feature on our blog and catch the video feature here!

Artz de Scrap is Featured on Morning Express Channel 8 TV!

Here are some of the handmade accessories:

Handmade Crochet and Knitted Yarn Necklaces and Bangles

  • Resin Rings, Earrings and Pendants/Necklaces

Resin Rings, Earrings and Pendants/Necklaces embedded with various embellishments like buttons, eyelets, moving eyeballs

Polymer Clay Necklaces with a mix of colours and shapes through layering and marbling

Bottlecap Pendants with Quotes, Christmas Themed Metal Charm and Globe Pendants with Shrink Plastic shapes

  • Shrink Plastic Necklaces

Hand drawn Emotional Faces from Angry, Upset to Puzzled Shrink Plastic Necklaces

Do also check out our Shopee or Etsy and webpages on the side of the webpage for the handmade accessories that are put up for sale!



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